Getting Started with GitHub Pages and Jekyll

My fairly inactive blog was previously hosted with Blogger, which wasn’t exactly easy for a non-webby person to modify. I’ve decided to start using GitHub Pages with Jekyll instead, as it will be easier to manage with a Git client, and will be much easier for me to make incremental changes to the site as I get to grips with there approach.

GitHub Pages has just upgraded to Jekyll 3.2 with the option of simple themes. I’ll start out with that, and move on to creating my own theme at some point in the future.


There aren’t many posts on my previous blog that I feel are worth preserving, but I will move some of the posts over in the coming weeks.

Going Forward

As always, I’ll try to make use of this. I also intend to make some kind of personal wiki where I can keep a couple of handy snippets. Not entirely sure how I’d like to implement that, however, but we’ll see how it goes!